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Anakin Skywalker was created by the Sith, A very interesting theory.
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- Star Wars conversion for Mutants & Masterminds 3e by Kane Starkiller - -

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Know when to burn it and when to let it might need it one day.

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✨Some more lotus Unalome work! Been getting tons and tons of emails from people wanting to use my other designs as tattoos, so I thought I'd throw some new ones out there! Send me photos if you get it inked, building my apprentice portfolio so I can finally start learning the ropes to ink myself!! #unalometattoo #unalome

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Melania Trump Photos Photos: "The Celebrity Apprentice" Season 4 Finale in New York City

Melania Trump Photo - "The Celebrity Apprentice" Season 4 Finale in New York City

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FRANKLIN'S THIRD PART OF HIS QUICK BIOGRAPHY Escape to Philadelphia Running away was illegal. In early America, people all had to have a place in society and runaways did not fit in anywhere. Regardless Ben took a boat to New York where he hoped to find work as a printer. He didn't, and walked across New Jersey, finally arriving in Philadelphia via a boat ride. After debarking, he used the last of his money to buy some rolls. He was wet, disheveled, and messy when his future wife, Deborah…

****This one**** The Definitive Guide to Building Deep Rich Soils by Imitating Nature ***Also Food Forest, and downloadable free ebook.

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Pericope: the ultimate word origin for this word is from the Greek. It comes from the Greek word: koptein meaning to cut. Then the word goes through various stages of Greek and Latin. The word finally arrives in English in the mid 17th cent. It is pronounced: puh- rick- uh-pee.

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