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Technostalgia: Remembering our first computers

The first computer I taught computers as an allied art on.. at Varnum School!! Loved my Apple IIEs!!!

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A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Computer day at school was a lot like Christmas. Especially on 'Oregon Trail' day. Yes. Yes it was! Oh my at these old school Apple computers with the floppy disk drives!

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We had a computer at home like this. I thought it was awesome! Little did I know my phone would have a heck of a lot more power!!

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Playing Oregon Trail on the old Apple Computers at school. Yep, just like this. Thought it was awesome with the blinking wagon going across the screen in green and white.

Apple IIe Computer with monitor and dual floppy disk drives - my geek friend and I developed a landscape design system on one of these circa 1982

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I see this and all I think is...Oregon Trail baby!!!! Apple II. we had an apple IIc

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