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A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Computer day at school was a lot like Christmas. Especially on 'Oregon Trail' day. Yes. Yes it was! Oh my at these old school Apple computers with the floppy disk drives!


Seems archaic now, but at the time the Sesame Street Counting game was the bombdiggity. My first apple and the start of a love affair.


We had a computer at home like this. I thought it was awesome! Little did I know my phone would have a heck of a lot more power!!


I got it after a large summer hollidays working in an electronics firm (workin' with an apple IIe with corvus LAN with 80Mb HD) Vintage 1982 Commodore 64 1541 Floppy Disk Drive CBM DOS 2.6


Apple IIe Computer with monitor and dual floppy disk drives - my geek friend and I developed a landscape design system on one of these circa 1982

from eBaum's World

Another Trip Down Memory Lane

Oregon Trail in elementary school


Vintage Apple IIe Numeric Keypad A2M2003 & Keyboard Company Interface K820-0012

from eBay

Apple IIe With Dual Disk Drives & Apple /// Monitor

Apple IIe - dual floppies, no hard drive. Lemonade stand!


Number Munchers. Despite probably spending hours on this game, I never became very adept at remembering my times tables.


Apple lle - 1983 This is the computer I did all my school work on, apart from maths 'cos i am disabled. I can't use my hands much, so i used an 8-way footswitch device to type. I only had one disk drive, and had it until it broke from 1984 until 1993 in 3rd year at Uni.