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Dresser in apothecary shoppe. Jen's note: I LOVE this! I do a witch's shop every year (I even have some of the same props), but this is the best display I've seen yet!

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$32 Mike Savad - Boy, you had to have a good memory in those days, I suppose they had tonics for that. Look at all those bottles and drawers. Each had some off remedy or ingredient in them. It's mind boggling just how many there are. Of course on the other hand, we too have many bottles that all look the same, only they are plastic and not nearly as quaint. But they just as easy to open.

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I love seeing the huge changes from then and now. And I agree, though the vast majority of our pharmaceutical agents are plant derivatives, synthetic and biological products are rapidly gaining ground on the world of botanical medicine. It is not a surprise that most physicians in times past were botanists. In fact one of my undergrad majors was botany...

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Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary is an amazing store whose goal is to encourage health the botanical way! In addition to great teas, soaps, books and more, they also offer classes.

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Indocybin (Psilocybin). A hallucinogenic made from fungus according to

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“More of our Wicked house Merchantile Apothecary where all our magickal goods are made for our Etsy shoppe! #witch #witches #pagan #witchcraft…”

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