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I read this and almost came to tears. this was the apology I was looking for! Every woman who has ever been used. READ THIS

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Open when you're mad at me/ I'm mad at you These are two almost identical envelops, except for I placed an apology picture in the one where he is mad at me. In the "I'm mad at you" letter, I instructed Justin to give me the second article and to read the first one for himself. For when he is mad at me, I instructed him to do the reverse. It gives us the time that we need to cool off while reading the articles and it gives us a reminder of how to express what we need from the other person.

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Everything is boyfriend material, but he doesn't have to apologize unless he really does need to. If I'm wrong, I'll apologize. It's only right.

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27 Life-Changing Habits All Twentysomethings Should Adopt

Learn to say “sorry” to loved ones and friends in a meaningful way. | 27 Life-Changing Habits All Twentysomethings Should Adopt

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I swear if you come back you're going to regret it. I've got 2 options. 1: I tell you what you did and why you should never do that to another girl again. or 2. I smile and accept your apology forgive your lies, love you again. And then when you least expect it. LEAVE. That'd really fuck you up wouldn't it?

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