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Meet Margaret Hamilton, the badass '60s programmer who saved the moon landing

"Apollo was a major software project. Astronauts used the Apollo Guidance Computer, placed in both the command module & the lunar module, for navigation assistance & to control the spacecraft, & someone needed to program it. The software for the guidance computer was written by a team at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, headed up by Margaret Hamilton. Here's a picture of her next to the code she and her colleagues wrote for the Apollo 11 guidance computer that made the moon landing…


This Apollo Guidance Computer measures 8 X 10 inches. Compared to the present day iPhone5, the iPhone is 1.8 million times more powerful. Apollo Computer: 36 kb IPhone 5: 64 million kb Wow!

7 The Apollo Guidance Computer DSKY (display & keyboard) user interface unit.


Margaret Hamilton Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom

Margaret Hamilton stands next to a stack of Apollo Guidance Computer source code.

Has anyone built a replica DSKY from the Apollo Guidance Computer? >> - Page 2

Microscopic view of the 3-element NOR gate used for the Apollo Guidance Computer—an early, high-profile application of the then-new silicon integrated circuit.