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A Guide to MLA Documentation - Briefer, more affordable, and easier to use than the MLA's own handbook, this popular booklet features current MLA guidelines, a new section on evaluating online sources, and an up-to-date APA appendix. The guide also p

Week 2 Founding Documents Read both the Declaration of Independenceand the U.S. Constitution(also found in the textbook Appendix). In a three to four page research paper not including the required APA title and reference pages. Address… (More)

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How to Sum Up Your Sex Life Using Only Movie Titles

Sexual addiction / Hypersexuality (The APA considered and rejected a proposal to add sexual addiction to its list of psychiatric disorders, the DSM. A proposal to include a diagnosis called hypersexual disorder is under consideration for inclusion in the appendix of the DSM, but not in the main list of official diagnoses)