There are more than just 50 reasons to stop smoking. Smoking can potentially rob you from the life you have always dreamed of living. Making the choice to stop smoking can be difficult, but it is better than living an unhealthy life.
Smoking Drains You Out
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Demain j’arrête. Et finalement… non. L’arrêt de tabac n’est pas une mince affaire pour un fumeur quotidien. Malgré tout, certaines publicités savent nous dissuader de fumer avec une intelligence rare. Nous vous proposons de découvrir ci-dessous 17 campagnes prints qui vont vous donner envie d’arrêter la cigarette. Le cimetière Cancer Patients Aid Association / Everest Brand Solutions Pour...
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♂ Creative Advertisement Campaigns Ideas - Anti-smoking advertising design
Queensland Health’s infographic, detailing exactly how you age if you’re a smoker.
Anti-smoking campaigns are plentiful so it takes a really unique approach to catch the attention of consumers.
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Great American Smoke Out 2013 Poster | ... Health: Get Support for Quitting During the Great American Smokeout
Inflammation is the body’s response to viruses, bacteria or stress. Diet and lifestyle are two of the primary causes of chronic inflammation. Stress, not enough sleep, a diet made up of highly processed foods, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, etc. They all cause an inflammation response in your body.  Adding these Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods into your diet will not only help heal our body but also add color, flavor, and tons of nutrients.