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Sounds legit.

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The deceiver. A beautiful enchanting delightful, fantastic, famous, dazzling, pizzazz filled, apparently righteous and apparently wise and apparently good and apparently helpful angel of light. At least that's how he disguises himself. He is not red, he does not have horns, and he is not on fire. All the dazzle in appearance and show, the fireworks, the sparkles and glitter, it seems so holy and wonderful and good, but it isn't.

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Money is the root of all evil. God is love. That makes THIS the face of the anti-Christ. Pay attention, people...!

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Why Millions of Believers Are NOT Celebrating Christmas 2016

NYDN Bedevils Trump With Fiery 'Anti Christ' Cover

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No, because that is an insult to everyone who lives in a trailer park! She is the assistant to the anti-Christ!

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I honestly feel pretty bad for the people who voted for him? Believing he teally was on their side. #RobertReich - Twitter Search

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The Real World Order: JESUIT Conspiracy - Flat Earth Research

The DANGER Of Ending 501c3 Tax Exemption For "Churches"

Sigmund Freud felt that religion was a form of oppression. He said religious people lived in fear of God. The religious believed the only way they could go to heaven is by matching their will with Gods will, even if that will was undesirable. Some believers may become deconverted so they may feel less burdened by God's Commandments.

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God did not give you the land Israel! your ANTI CHRIST brethren the Rothschild bankers did illegally! and although you have duped millions of Christians into being ANTI CHRIST with out realising, those who truly love Jesus and are TRULY CHOSEN and are meant to be saved will be saved ONLY IN JESUS CHRIST ...Read Belfour Declaration #FreePalestine

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