Our theme this school year is "Be The H.E.R.O." In YOU! (Helping Everyone Respect Others) #1 Anti-Bullying Prevention School Assembly

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https://www.omegamanschools.com Omegaman & Friends is a very unique #schoolassembly presentation because it delivers the #bullying prevention / character development message through a #SUPERHERO Theme -- an image which youth look up to and mimic. More information go to www.omegamanschools.com

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This quick and simple activity is a powerful way to demonstrate the lasting and damaging effects of bullying to students. This activity generates d...

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Bullying rarely involves just an aggressor and a victim. There are usually bystanders who can contribute to either the solution or the problem. Start a conversation with your child about bystanders' important role with this Bystander Quiz.

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Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon is a great back to school read aloud and leads well into having student write about ways that they can "stand tall" like her. Great conversation starter for bucket fillers and anti-bullying programs as well.

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