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I remember this movie. Lol. Kill is too strong a word and I don't condone violence but sometimes I understand this humor towards annoying neighbors.


So it's okay for the cat to run away and hide under the bed when visitors turn up But when I do it I'm antisocial


Hack Like a Pro: How to Get Even with Your Annoying Neighbor by Bumping Them Off Their WiFi Network —Undetected

Welcome back, my hacker apprentices! My recent posts here in Null Byte have been very technical in nature, so I thought that I'd have a little fun with this one. Have you ever had an annoying neighbor whose dog barks all night, who has loud parties that keep you awake, or who calls the cops when you have a loud party? Here's a simple way to get even with them without them ever knowing it. Nearly everyone these days has a Wi-Fi router set up in their home so they can access the Internet in…


HAAAAH! A serious ponder. I bet it is because their brains are so overwhelmingly large from "knowing it all"...