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When you start to hate someone, everything they do begins to annoy you. Them: "*Cough*" You: "OOH MY GOD" (Is this just a teenager problem?)

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I think I'm the annoying friend who everyone secretly hates.

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I say "same" to everything. I could literally look at a wall and be like "same"

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Teenager Post #8522 - I love people who text back instantly. ~ That is why I always try to respond instantly. Even if I don't have the answer, I'll let you know I received it.

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Pinterest: @dudeitsclairee

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but they just act like your friend because not only do you go to school together but also on the same sports team and go to the same church and they think you're there bestie but they are actually not. and its so annoying

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Funny Minions Pictures Of The Week

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Omg tell me please if I am. I'm really annoying to most people, so im begging you, if i am PLEASE tell me!

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