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My name is Lynn. 17 years old. I'm just a normal quite boring human. But I do know about these so called 'Gardians'. I've been living with my grandparents ever since my mom, dad, and twin sister disappeared two years ago. It's been hard but I make do. I also work at a coffee shop full time. My dream is to study astronomy since I have an obsession with space.

Anime picture 1900x2659 with assassin's creed unity elise de la serre tuzibulu long hair single tall image highres purple eyes red hair lips hair over one eye lipstick red lipstick girl weapon clothes

from Ninety's Blog

Conscience/guardians of the white: Jacqueline Marksman Source: Shirayuki // Akagami no Shirayukihime-Snow White with the Red Hair


Meet K's sister, S. She has red hair and blue/grey eyes (but in most of pictures they're different colors so just deal)