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One of my favorite makeup routines for cosplay or circle lenses () Will be posting more eye makeup routines so follow me! ヽ()/ The Routine 1. Eye Primer 2. Contact lenses. (G&G Shinny Green from @pinkyparadisedotcom ) 3. Tightlined eyelash line with black. 4. Eyeliner. I believe that different eyeliner styles suit different eye shapes so play around with eyeliner and experiment to find what you like! 5. Lined lower lashline with white. 6. Matte nude eyeshadow on eyelid. (I chose light…

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9 Cosplay Tips To Help You Not Kill Yourself Cosplaying

Now that cosplay is more mainstream and the community is very active, lots of cosplayers share their tips and tricks with the whole world! So here are a fe

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Korean Big Eye Circle Lenses: Korean Skin Care & Makeup - More in Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Using Big Eye Circle Lenses

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Tsuki Sasagawa(笹川ジキ) Light Sakamaki Cosplay Photo - WorldCosplay Diabolik Lovers

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Thanks to ichigoflavor for this Kawaii eye makeup tutorial using beuberry teddy bear pink circle lenses. Animal circle lenses come in various pattern and sweet colors... Read more in ====== Get this cute lenses in @ $17.90 only. ====== #PinkCircleLenses #PinkColorContacts #PinkColorLenses #PinkContacts #Makeup #KawaiiMakeup

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Jeff the killer cosplay by HazyCosplayer

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