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Petition · To boycott Spain as a holiday destination until they enforce their exsiting animal cruelty laws in regard to the Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) ·


Petition · Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws and Stop the Castration of Pets Without Sedation and Without a License to Practice Veterinary Medicine ·


SPEAK OUT! ENOUGH SUFFERING!!!! DEMAND TOUGHER PENALTIES FOR ANIMAL CRUELTY HERE! There is a nationwide crisis involving brutal acts of violence and cruelty against companion animals which cry out for meaningful changes in cruelty laws which will actually serve as deterrents to these heinous atrocities! While euthanasia is my personal preference (no joke), this proposal is a vast improvement over the current (PITIFUL) cruelty laws! PLZ Sign and Share Widely!


Petición · NH Legislature: Bruno's Law. To Amend Current Animal Cruelty Laws to Make Shooting a Domestic Animal to Euthanize it a Felony in NH. ·


Video on dog smuggling in VIetnam, Laos, and Thailand for meat. It's a great report, but you must be prepared for the graphic content. Another resource for learning more about those who are working on this issue (and physically stopping trucks filled with dogs) is the Facebook page "Fight for Animal Cruelty Laws in China".

Sign Petition!!! Demand justice over police killing the dog of a homeless man in Langzhong. Demand animal cruelty laws in China and stop people from committi...


Singapore is taking its first concrete steps towards improving the treatment of animals. Support the government's attempts to significantly strengthen animal welfare laws while increasing punishments for those who continue to abuse animals.

To enforce the existing animal cruelty laws in Spain to stop the barbaric treatment of the Galgo (Spanish Greyhound) | petition for the galgos (greyhounds),