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I often get asked by readers "where do I start with animal communication? What is the best approach?"

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Interspecies communication is a very real phenomenon. These animal communicators can access knowledge from and about animals that they couldn't otherwise know.

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Intuitive animal communication is something many people have heard of, but few have tried. As a dog lover, you may have considered talking to an intuitive animal communicator - in fact, I am sure some of you have actually talked with one in the past. Personally, I am a bit skeptical.

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Animal Connection Tarot Spread. #Tarot spread found on Pinterest. More great tarot spreads (videos and downloads) coming soon on

Animals exist with us and communicate with us in many ways, if we allow ourselves to become still enough to notice, and if we live in a sacred way–in the realization that communication with them is natural #animals #communication #horse #listen #sacred #listen

HOW TO BOOST YOUR ANIMAL INTUITION: Want to know the very first thing I recommend to start boosting your spiritual confidence with animals? Oracle Cards So what are oracle cards? Oracle cards are normally a deck of around 40 different cards that represent a different theme, animal, or area. Each card has a word, a short message, and a beautiful picture. They are a way to receive guidance in a loving way that is very much about what you are currently experiencing. The idea behind using…

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I wanted to share how a beautiful earth angel called Faye Rogers – changed my life. I don’t say this lightly. I connected with Faye 5 years ago now and my world hasn’t been the same since. Faye is an INTERNATIONAL Animal Communicator (Animal Psychic) based here in New Zealand. It was the end of 2010 and I was feeling the need to connect with an Animal Communicator to talk to my bunny boy Apple about a medical issue. Luckily Faye had a website. Otherwise I may never have found her! …

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An Informative Illustration That Explains What Cats Are Communicating Through Body Language

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