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Forced oscillation (driven oscillation): if apply a periodically varying driving force with angular frequency to a damped harmonic oscillator; the angular frequency with which the mass oscillates is equal to the driving angular frequency; if we force the oscillator to vibrate w/ angular freq nearly equal to angular frequency: it is naturally disposed to oscillate at a certain freq, so we expect the amplitude to be larger than when the 2 are very different; little damp: sharp A peak when…

alternating current: current amplitude as a function of angular frequency [Credit: Courtesy of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Michigan State University]

Frequency Formula, conversion and calculation; Period; cycle duration; periodic time; angular frequency, etc


particle fluctuation | Angular Frequency Of A Charged Particle In A Magnetic Field

Wave pulse: ex: transverse wave on a stretched string; pulse travels along length of string; tension in string restores the straight line shape; periodic wave: repetitive motion; each particle in string undergoes periodic motion as the wave propagates; simple harmonic motion: angular frequency = 2pi x f; period T=1/f = 2pi/angular frequency; symmetrical sequence of crests and troughs: sinusoidal waves: every particle has the same frequency


Angular frequency of a physical pendulum -- this equation is available for your use in vCalc. #math #physics #engineering #mechanics


Understand and use the terms amplitude, period, frequency, angular frequency and phase difference and express the period in terms of both frequency and angular frequency.