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Fastest-Spinning Man-Made Object Created

Fastest-Spinning Man-Made Object Created. The rotation rate is so fast that the angular acceleration at the sphere surface is 1 billion times that of gravity on the Earth surface — it's amazing that the centrifugal forces [the forces pushing outward due to circular motion] do not cause the sphere to disintegrate.

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Angular Kinematics

Presentation about angular motion. Covers angular distance, angular velocity, angular acceleration, angular momentum, torque, moment of inertia and more.

Comparison of the effects of inertia on (from back to front) a hollow spherical shell (red), a solid ball (orange), a ring (green), & a solid cylinder (blue). "An object's moment of inertia determines how much it resists rotational motion. In this simulation, four objects are placed on a ramp and left to roll without slipping. Starting from rest, each will experience an angular acceleration based on their moment of inertia." Caption from link. Click through for animation


Angular Acceleration and Centripetal Force | S-cool, the revision website

A gyroscope, used by seafarers as a keeper of direction when compasses were inaccurate or unavailable. They measure both balance and angular acceleration and help keep track of an object’s orientation, independent of any other landmarks or determinants of direction.


Crista Ampullaris (start of semicircular canals) detect angular acceleration. At each ampullae there is hair cells with cilium and stereocilim, sticking up in the cupula (round circle filled with fluid). Each semicircle canal resides in frontal, horizontal, and saggital plane to detect all direction of rotations. As head turns, endolymph (fluid) lags behind, pushes capula, and stimulate the hair cells.