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A photo was posted on Reddit recently and the story is that a man passed out and his estranged angry girlfriend who felt he'd cheated and dumped her shoved nine screws inside his urethraas in penis!. According to the Reddit user who posted the shots the man had broken up with the girl after she accused him of cheating. In retaliation she got him drunk and when he passed out she inserted the screws one after the other inside his urethra Authors comments: This is a really stupid to do. If your…

10:10 Hoshi 160523 [ENG SUB] SEVENTEEN Acting as Boyfriends with Angry Girlfriend (MEET & GREET) - YouTube

from Gawker

Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping to Avoid Angry Girlfriend, Gets Arrested

Many of us are used to complaining about our lives. We complain when our mate leaves dishes in the sink, the bath towel on the floor, our gas tank when ,,,