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History map of Africa 1453AD - 1648AD. What is happening at this time? Ottoman empire rules most of North Africa, kingdom of Morocco has formed its own empire, European sailors and traders first arrive off coast of West Africa (mid-15th century), Swahili trading states face Portuguese in the Indian Ocean leading to decline in prosperity, Portuguese establish colonies in modern day Angola as slave trade base and on the cape as a stop on journey to Indian Ocean


After the golden decade, from 2002 to 2013, when the GDP reached a growth of 12%, Angola’s economy suffered a setback, especially in recent years, due to the collapse in #oilprices.

Vignette - Maersk and the up-skilling of young Angolans. The oil industry drives Angola’s growing economy, and as a deck cadet for Maersk’s Supply Service, Dario Timoteo is one of the many young Angolans who are benefitting from their strategic up-skilling programs.

Countries of The World-Part I | | This eBook Covers Facts of all Countries* Introduction* Geographic* People and Society* Government* Economy* Energy* Communications* Transportation* Military* Transnational IssuesCountries Covered are* World* Afghanistan* Akrotiri* Albania* Algeria* American Samoa* Andorra* Angola* Anguilla* Antarctica* Antigua and Barbuda* Arctic Ocean* Argentina* Armenia* Aruba* Ashmore and Cartier…