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It's possible to use the angle grinder as a chainsaw

Carrying on our tradition of our video sequel for angle grinders, this fourth time we transformed our grinder into another useful machine, a chain saw. Our primary aim for this transformation was experimental while the usefulness of the particular machine came second in our priorities.


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Angle Grinder Dust Catcher - We love using our angle grinder as a paint removal tool. But man, is it dusty!While it’s nearly impossible to catch all the dust, this attachment does a pretty good job. A brush skirt around the perimeter and a spring suspension help seal the DustBuddie to the surface. And the vacuum attachment allows you to collect the dust as it’s produced.The collector also has a removable segment that allows you to get the grinder in close to edges. Having to drag a vacuum…


Here is a picture of a 4 1/2 inch angle grinder converted to a chop saw with a $10 clamp. <br /> Unfortunately much of the clamp assembly was worthless and had to be thrown away. The hinge assembly was machined and shims added to tighten up the hinge. Then, steel, aluminum and wood were used to construct a new base for the angle grinder to replace the flimsy base that came with the clamp kit.


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