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When the world understands this is the key concept behind forgiveness, then we will be ready

If you want to change someone, hurt them deeply or love them profoundly. -Andy Stanley

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Telling someone they're wrong is not the same as leading them and inspiring them to do what's right.  - Andy Stanley

Helping someone understand why is more effective than just saying that person is wrong

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Review of Ask It by Andy Stanley: Make Decisions in a Whole New Way

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My past will remind me but it will not define me. Andy Stanley My Past -Personal use only

Direction, not intention, determines your destination. - Andy Stanley, Yes, this message was done so long ago but it still holds true!

Your destination is not a choice, but rather a cumulative byproduct of all your choices.

marriage- giving yourself to someone and committing to them before God

The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating by Andy Stanley