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Andy Samuels aka tarzan aka Charlie from Busted aka Ethan Craft from Lizzie Mcguire aka the prince from Shrek aka an extra in The Lion King


Actor Andy Devine (1905-1977) claimed he had seen an apparition of his dead father in 1928 who advised him to stay in Hollywood, despite his gravelly voice not being accepted for talking pictures. Two weeks later he was awarded a contract with Universal.

Andrew Vabre "Andy" Devine 1905-1977 Andy Devine was the quintessential western (and other genres) sidekick. Born into an Irish Catholic family in Arizona,he attended Catholic prep school and also Catholic college for a time. Moved to California to pursue acting. His trademark raspy voice (the result of a childhood injury) set him apart from other actors and made his characters perfect for comic relief. His (and John Wayne's) first "A" picture, was the epic "Stagecoach". Had a Catholic…


Andy Devine

Andrew Vabre "Andy" Devine (October 7, 1905 – February 18, 1977) was an American character actor and comic cowboy sidekick known for his distinctive raspy voice.

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Andy Devine (1905 - 1977) in Stagecoach Met Andy Devine at The Wyandotte County Rodeo at the Fairgrounds in the late 1950's!