Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy (for Chance, my oldest son who's graduating high school today. This song always makes me think of him. It's been a long, hard, but fun road... I'm so proud we stuck it thru together and made it thru the hard times!)

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With his 1977 hit song 'Lonely Boy' here's one of today's birthday celebrants Andrew Gold. Andrew also wrote the theme song for The Golden Girls. Andrew played a pivotal role on Linda Ronstadt's recording of 'When Will I Be Loved' playing almost all the instruments on that one record. He co-produced many of her songs and acted as musical director on numerous Ronstadt tours.

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From 1978 a long time friend of mine Andrew Gold did well with this song 'Never Let Her Slip Away.' It would be recorded also by Leo Sayer in the 80s and be a minor hit for him as well. Andrew was a fixture in rock music 70s-and into 2000s. Most know him best for Lonely Boy. But he also wrote the theme song for The Golden Girls and sang the theme song for Mad About You, Final Frontier.' Andrew worked with Paul, Ringo, John, Cher, Linda R, 10cc and hundreds of others in studio and live.

Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend @Mark Peña @Lisa L.@Madeline Lynch @Amanda Ray @Debra Valdez

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Andrew Gold - Lonely Boy (1977) ::: One of those songs that drills an earworm deep inside your brain.

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Linda Ronstadt with RIP Andrew Gold & Kenny Edwards - When Will I Be Loved, Midnight Special, 1975

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Andrew Gold performs 'Lonely Boy'. Don't be hatin' on your sister, Andy. 1977

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Andrew Gold - Thank You For Being A Friend @D ~ I remember when you sent me this song! :)

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