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andover maine - Google Search: that's the Fogg's home beyond, and just to the right of it is "our" [former] home. How many great memories I have of this place.


Cilleyville Bridge~Andover Spanning Pleasant Brook, it was built in the town lattice truss style in 1887 at a cost of $522.63. The bridge is 53 feet long.


Andover Town House $750 includes 8 hour rental, tables, chairs, room set up, custodian on duty, parking. 150 person capacity


Scenic Route 100 Byway travels through the heart of the Green Mountains and is home to some of the best outdoor recreation in Vermont as well as an abundance of historical and cultural attractions. Visitors from all over the world find they can spend weeks exploring this thirty-one mile stretch that travels through the towns of Andover, Ludlow, Plymouth, West Bridgewater, Killington and Pittsfield.


Thatched cottage in Wherwell, a village near Andover in Hampshire. I really do need to go to Wherwell!! They have some GREAT looking cottages there.


TheWitch Trials - Würzburg Witch Trials (Germany, 1626 - 1631) The Würzburg Witch Trials in 1626 - 1631, were one of thebiggest mass-trials and mass-executions ever seen in seen in Europeduring peace time. 157 men, women and children in the city of Würzburg,Germany,were burned alive at the stake, with 219 executed in total in the city, andover 900 burnt altogether over the entire area. They were judged for sorceryand witchcraft and for having made a pact with the Devil, and were a part…