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Recipe for homemade ancient Greek pancakes. In Ancient Greece they were called Tagenites or Attanitai and were often prepared for breakfast early in the morning.

ancient greek recipes; after going to Greece in 2005 I've been obsessed with Greek Food! I never ate better in any out of the country location than I did there & still, somehow, managed to loose weight.

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Pasteli | Ancient Greek Honey Sesame bar

Have you ever heard about Pastel? This recipe is 6000 years old. It was used by the Ancient Greeks and the Middle East civilizations. Today it is known as pastels and some people also call it the G...

Hippocrates, the father of ancient greek medicine conceived this magical soup to treat his chronically ill patients. He used it to detoxify their bodies and stimulate healing. Dr. Max Gerson relaunched the miraculous soup in his own natural therapy for treating cancer and other chronic diseases in 1930.

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Greek Sesame Bread rings recipe (Koulouri Thessalonikis)

One of the popular ancient Greek breads – a Mushroom Bread (Boletinos Artos). The recipe calls for flour, wheat bran, water, instant yeast, salt, sugar, olive oil, and poppy seeds. Try it at home! It is delicious!