Greek lesson plans, crafts, movie clips, and powerpoints

BBC Primary History Ancient Greece - Select an area to explore The Greek worldHome life * Growing up in Greece * Gods and heroes * AthensSparta * The Olympic Games * Arts and theatre * Greeks at wa * rSea and ships

Fabtastic ancient Greek architecture STEM challenge & activities! Perfect for all ages: preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, high school, and adult!

Ancient Greek Architecture STEM Challenge & Activities

Ancient Greek Architecture STEM Challenge & Activities We talked about how the ancient Greeks (and many other cultures still) used the post .

To learn the Greek alphabet and strengthen abdominal muscles, write the letters with your feet in the air!

The Greek Alphabet - Ancient Greece for Kids College-- Fraternity and Sorority

Ancient Greece Definition Cards - Free, Printable, Montessori-Inspired cards for learning vocabulary relevant to Ancient Greece including bull-leaping, beehive tomb, hoplites, labyrinth, minotaur, griffin, centaur, chimera, phalanx, Trojan horse, acropolis, agora, trireme, Olympics, democracy, Oracle of Delphi, Cretan Hieroglyphics, Linear A, Linear B, and Greek alphabet

Free, Printable Ancient Greece Definition Cards

Ancient Greece Definition Cards - Free printable cards for learning terms relevant to Ancient Greece such as acropolis, Olympics, and Oracle of Delphi

Kids will enjoy learning about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology with these great books and hands-on activities!

Learning about Greek Mythology

Mythology Studies Do you have kids who are fans of Percy Jackson & the Greek gods? Learn about some of the fun ways we've made this ancient world a hands-on experience for kids!

BBC Ancient Greece for Kids

BBC Ancient Greece for Kids - Also has resources for many other ancient cultures as well as teaching essential history skills

Paper Mache Greek Vases from Art Lessons for Kids

The ABCs of Art History for Kids

"Papier Mache Art Lessons" - - - Am I the only one who wondered why someone was making a papier mache greek vase arse?

Greek Columns - Doric, Ionic, Corinthian - Ancient Greece for Kids

Greek Columns - Doric, Ionic, Corinthian (This is one I learned on the go while touring around Greece - the words go up one syllable for each stage) - Ancient Greece for Kids **Column design**

The Minoans, Knossos, Crete - Ancient Greece for Kids

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format Early History of Ancient Greece - Minoans, Mycenaeans, Dorians, Greek Dark Ages Illustration