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collier Le Trésor de Toutânkhamon :

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This necklace, found in King Tut's tomb, is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry ever. The craftsmanship is amazing, especially for a 3300 year old object.

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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, The Egyptian, Egyptian Artifacts, Ancient Jewellery, 1525 Bc, 1550 1525, Jewelry Xvi, F F Jewelry, Life Jewelry

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First evidence of comet striking Earth found in Egypt

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Scarab Bracelet Excavated from the Tomb of King Tutankhamun -- Circa 1323 BCE -- Gold, lapis lazuli, turquoise, cornelian & quartz -- Image from a Tutankhamen Exhibition: The small circumference of this bracelet suggests that it was made for Tutankhamun when he was a child. Belonging to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo.

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Rare ancient Egyptian faience figural ring; deep greenish blue faience ring, New Kingdom, 18th-19th Dynasty, the table modeled with a large seated cat (Bastet) surrounded by smaller cats, intricately detailed

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