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Embalm your Own Egyptian Mummy On-Line

List of on-line games that let you embalm your own mummy and learn about the mummification process. So cool to add to unit or lessons on Ancient Egypt. My kids LOVE this game!

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National Geographic Kids | Ten Facts about Ancient Egypt (video steps back in time to show how King Tut's pyramid was constructed.

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Engineering Ancient Egypt: STEM Engineering Challenges Five Pack

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Ancient Egypt - Webquest

This WebQuest helps students explore Ancient Egypt through websites that feature interactive games, activities, videos, and text. Students go on an "ancient expedition" that will keep them engaged and motivated. My students have enjoyed doing this project as an independent activity or partner activity.

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Miss Dreamer, Mister Man, Mister Giggles & I are drawing our unit on ancient Egypt to a close. If the kids were in traditional school they would probably be asked to take a written test to prov...

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Explore the world of Ancient Egypt by playing the terrific games shared by the Museum of Scotland: Egyptian tomb adventure, Land of the Egyptians, Dress like an Egyptian, Egyptian hieroglyphics and Temple stores game

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Digital Story on the Mummification process of Ancient Egypt for TE 831.

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