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Roman Bronze bust of L. Cornelius Pusio (left profile) | da Roger B. Ulrich


JOJO POST STAR GATES: This stone carving depicts an ancient Maya man carrying something that we can find in so many other cultures around the Planet Earth in different cultures and time. Tamayo museum of Oaxaca. WHAT IS THE MESSAGE THAT THEY LEFT HERE FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS ON PLANET EARTH, THOUSANDS YEARS AGO?? WHAT DO YOU SEE? WHAT DO YOU THINK?? WHAT DO WE KNOW???

8 | An Egyptian New Kingdom Amarna Period Painted Limestone Sculptural Group: Two Men and a Boy | Painted limestone, New Kingdom, Amarna Period, Dynasty XVIII (Reign of Akhenaten), ca. 1349-1332 B.C.E., From Gabelein, Upper Egypt This intriguing group has been variously interpreted as a family comprising a grandfather, a father, and a son and as one man at three different stages of life; the seeming affection expressed by the three figures supports the first…

from Oddee

7 Most Fascinating Underwater Ruins

A survey of ancient Alexandria's Royal Quarters, encased deep below the harbor sediment, is underway. Alexandria's Royal Quarters - ports, a cape and islands full of temples, palaces and military outposts - simply slid into the sea after cataclysmic earthquakes in the fourth and eighth centuries. Besides large statuary, hundreds of ceramics, bronze coins, and other items have been found.


Did The Anunnaki Build This 2,000 Year Old High Tech Cave System In China?