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Astrolabes are problem solving instruments – they compute things such as the time of day according the position of the sun and the stars in the sky. Like a computer, you input information and then you receive output. They were typically made of brass and had a 6 inch diameter, although as we will see much larger ones were made.

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Old Ideas Of What The Earth Was Like, 1920 print, astronomy, ancient, universe, space stars, star chart, universe, space, astrology

*BACK of TURTLE,+Totems.' (so Chinese)•Old Ideas Of What The Earth Was Like, 1920 print, astronomy, ancient, universe, space stars, star chart, universe, space, astrology.•

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Magazine - "Edge of Time" drawing by Interesni Kazki

How much detail can be packed into a single drawing you ask? Your answer lies in this Ink drawing on paper by the Ukrainian super duo, Interesni Kazki...

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This instrument is clear evidence of the links between the astrolabe and astrology. On one side is an astrolabe for a single latitude, and on the other an astrological volvelle, used to find the positions of planets and other celestial bodies, especially in relation to the traditional astrological houses.

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Table of Astronomy, from Cyclopaedia: or, An Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Volume 1, p 164, London, 1728

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|| Selenography, or A Map of the Moon, detail from Samuel Dunn's Scientia terrarum et coelorum, Chelsea, 1772

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Nebula Images: Astronomy articles:... Nebula Images: Astronomy articles: nebula nebulae space nasa apod hubble images hubble telescope kepler telescope stars

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Greek Muses In ancient Greece. The 9 Muses were considered sources of knowledge and providers of inspiration to creators of literature and art. Almost everyone should still have a shrine to honor them. Calliope (Epic Poetry) Clio (History) Erato (Love Poetry) Euterpe (Music) Melpomene (Tragedy) Polyhymnia (Hymns and sacred poetry) Terpsichore (Dance) Thalia (Comedy) Urania (Astronomy)

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Druidess The Power of Women in Celtic Society: Female Druids from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill In ancient Celtic society the Druids and Druidesses composed an intellectual elite, whose knowledge and training placed them as priests of the Celtic religion. Their training normally lasted over twenty years and consisted of the memorization of literature, poetry, history, and Celtic law as well as astronomy. The Druids mediated for their people, preformed sacrifices…

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