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ancient bibical holy coins: widow's mite, herod the great, pontius pilate, caesar augustus, etc.

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Canopic Jar w/ Head of Duamutef -- Circa 1295-1185 -- Egypt, Dynasty 19 -- Faience -- The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Ancient Egyptian Cosmetic Jar | Carved from a single piece of limestone, this jar was used to store kohl, an ancient form of eye cosmetic. Late Kingdom, 18th Dynasty

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The Mysterious Ancient Artifacts of Sanxingdui That Have Rewritten Chinese History: photo 2

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Egyptian Artifacts, King Tutankhamun, Ancient Sword ----- This one was pinned because i like how much fine detail was molded into this knife and sheath.

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Egyptian carved green limestone heart scarab, once placed on the throat, chest, or heart of the Mummy. Some were worn by the deceased on a necklace, or mounted in gold settings as a pectoral. Heart scarabs provided assurance that at the final judgment as depicted in the Book of the Dead, the bearer would be found "True of Voice" and accepted into the eternal afterlife by the God Osiris. With a double Eye of Horus on the top, a cartouche with beetle at the bottom. Third Intermediate Period.

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Astrolabe, magnificent computer of the Ancients—an instrument used to make astronomical measurements, before the development of the sextant

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