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Electrical Engineering question and answer 2 This is to build and train yourself before the test and exams (1) The width of the diode current pulse in a 2-pulse bridge converter with freewheeling diode is (α is firing angle) (A) 2α(B) α/2(C) π - α(D) π ANSWER: 2α (2) Consider a 3-phase induction motor whose rotor power output is 15Kw and corresponding slip is 4%. The rotor copper loss will be (A) 825W(B) 725W(C) 625W(D) 225W ANSWER: 625W (3) Four alternators are working in…

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iFixit's iPhone 7 audio adapter teardown reveals mystery circuity - CNET Creative Electron provided iFixit with an X-ray scan of Apples 3.5mm-to-Lightning headphone adapter. Creative Electron Theres a strange chip lurking beneath the surface of Apples 3.5mm headphone adapter for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. iFixit which routinely conducts teardowns of popular gadgets partnered with Creative Electron to examine an X-ray image of the dongle included with every new iPhone. The scan…

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How to Convert Family Videos on VHS to DVD - 3rd method mentioned uses VCR direct to computer via an analog to digital converter.

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