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from Teachers Pay Teachers

“Making Ginger Ale” A Cellular Respiration Lab with Yeast

This two day lab reviews the types of cellular respiration, introduces alcoholic fermentation, and teaches students how to make ginger ale to investigate temperature vs fermentation rate. Your students will read about the differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration, the reactants/products, collect qualitative data, and answer follow up questions on the best temperature for ginger ale. $1.60


Fermentation video explaining aerobic vs anaerobic respiration & how cells break down glucose into pyruvate and ultimately ATP. Ginger ale recipe to follow!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Cellular Respiration Test

This is a 97 question test on cellular respiration. It covers all of the expected topics: respiration, aerobic, anaerobic, mitochondria, glycolysis, Kreb's cycle, electron transport chain and fermentation. This test would be most appropriate for an advanced Biology I class or a second year biology class. $2.25