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Secondary English text guide. Complete guide to An Inspector Calls: summary, analysis, character profiles and activities.

Found out I am an I N/STJ Got the same exact numbers for N and S... the confusion that creates. lol.


It wasn't always this way... but these days I'm so honest I hurt people's feelings (on accident, of course) but I just don't sugarcoat anything for anyone.


A summary of the plot of An Inspector Calls

BBC Bitesize can be a handy revision tool when it comes to exam time! This website could be used as a 'treat' in the classroom in that the teacher could book the computer suite to complete some online revision and tests. Pupils love getting to work on computers!


Iraq War Casualties and Cost

GEORGE BUSH & GOP'S WAR IN IRAQ ... U.S. Troop Casualties - 4,487 US troops; 98% male. 91% non-officers; 82% active duty, 11% National Guard; 74% Caucasian, 9% African-American, 11% Latino. 19% killed by non-hostile causes. 54% of US casualties were under 25 years old. 72% were from the US Army