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Tomarse de la mano está subestimado

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Sterek commission for a wonderful @jrmurrr that wanted AU college punks. By DakotaLIAR Feel free to ask me about the commissions!Write to

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it might only be 25th November BUT that doesn’t mean i can’t draw christmas art xD!!! haha so here you go! some happy sterek family christmas fanarts ;U;! (i still need to figure it out how i’ll put this on a mug and all of that so i can post it on Redbubble as well xD! soon! i promise)

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Memes KPOP - Memes #21

#wattpad #de-todo Subiré todos los memes que tenga. Espero que lo disfruten y se rían arto! Hakhsksjs :3

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