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Amish rules (or so a previous Pinner said). They are also Methodist rules attributed to John Wesley. I wonder if there is a connection/ overlap?

from God does reassemble shattered pieces

Amish Home Remedies

I found these Amish Home Remedies on the internet and just have to share them.  I had to laugh at some of them! Since my sister, Kelly has lived near the Amish for the last 25 years we always enjoy...


Why the Amish Draw Us In & 3 Lessons We Can Learn From Their Lifestyle

Do the Amish draw you in? Do you find the Amish lifestyle so fascinating? How do they live without cars and electricity?! The Amish draw me in. I'm hooked on learning about their different ways of life. Not just why they choose to live the way they do but how they do all to make it work. What is is about the Amish that draws us in? Their rules? Their religion? Their hardworking nature? Their homemade goodies or sewing? I think it goes deeper than that.