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Amethyst: a #purple stone brings calmness and clarity, helps you to get in touch with your intuition. @catwisdom101

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Open Heart Teaching: GRIT- why it is essential for kids to learn and how you can teach it

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Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, Arkansas (Pike County) is the only diamond mine in the world where visitors can dig for diamonds & keep what they find. An average of 2 diamonds a day are found, along with 40 other gemstones & minerals including amethyst, jasper, peridot, garnet, & quartz. The Strawn diamond (bottom) found in 1990 weighed 3.09 carats, 1.09 carats when cut - it's rated a perfect 0/0/0 & considered a one-in-a-billion stone. Valued at $34k, it's on display at the…

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4.83 TCW Marquise-Cut Green Genuine Amethyst and Genuine PerI.D.ot Diamond Accent 18k Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver Ring

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Metaphysical Healing Properties for Amethyst: is a stone of the mind. It helps to bring calmness and clarity Wear Amethyst if you want to get in touch with your intuition, your feelings, or your values. helps one learn of all things spiritual, mystic and psychic. Especially aids sobriety; alcohol, food, sex, and other addictions.Cleanses, cleansing, purifies, restructures and renews. Fosters psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, contentment, peace, stability, serenity, forgiveness…

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hance to win their 14K Gold Diamond Pendant Giveaway. Winner will receive a 0.75 carat genuine diamond pendant valued at $1,000

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14kt White Gold, Amethyst & Diamond Earrings NEVER WORN! Purchased at Costco complete with appraisal that guarantees value to DOUBLE! Beautiful! Jewelry Earrings

The Emerald Hollow Mine is the only emerald mine in the United States open to the public for prospecting. Nestled snugly in the foothills of the beautiful Brushy Mountains, this North Carolina Emerald mine is located in the small town of Hiddenite, North Carolina. This locality is recognized as one of the most unique and interesting geological locations on the North American continent.

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