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I got invited to a wedding so this song is appropriate I feel. Gogol Bordello - American Wedding via /r/punk

These NYC wedding photos belong in a museum

Proof That City Hall Is The Start To A Wonderful Wedding

I like how much couple time they have while still celebrating with family and friends.

Soundtrack To I Do - Dance songs from the 50s and 60s for your #wedding #music

Hopefully someone knows how to swing dance at the wedding! So many people leave the swing out of rockabilly, like it's all about cars and slap bass and victory rolls. Listen, cats - if you really wanna rock, you gotta swing.

"Under the Umbrella" music from when Friedrich proposes to Josephine + end title--possibility for walking down the aisle?

This is the music I want playing at my wedding by a live orchestra. Little Women - Soundtrack - Under the Umbrella (End Title)

Walking Down The Aisle Songs | Philippines Wedding Blog

Songs Perfect For Walking Down The Aisle: Part 1

iron and wine-flightless bird, american mouth (wedding version). i wish people wouldn't associate this with stupid twilight =(

Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron Wine (From Twilight)

Un divertido corto animado de la muerte y los obstáculos que tiene al tomar el alma de un moribundo. Producido por Dimitri Voloshin.      Soundtrack Gogol Bordello "American Wed...

I belive people are writing comments in russian because, the animator is a popular russian one, if I'm correct.

haywood jones photography alternative wedding 50s rockabilly wedding (76 of 114)

haywood jones photography alternative wedding rockabilly wedding of like this idea with different American cars as the table center.