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Watch as Tony, Smyth Automotive's cylinder head specialist walks Rick Drewry, American Modern's senior claims specialist, through the disassembly and magnafluxing of the cylinder heads on #TheBuild. Make sure to check us out on Facebook at @American Modern Insurance Group

American Modern's The Build team is pulling a little bit more on the core support, tearing the trim off, removing the grill, headlight, headlight doors and bumper. Once we get in there and see what we're dealing with! Be sure to follow along on Facebook as well: #TheBuild @American Modern Insurance Group

Watch episode 26 of The Build. We're getting our hands dirty and tearing into this Big Block engine. Please be sure to subscribe to this channel and "Like" us on @American Modern Insurance Group

The Build team is working on stripping the underbody of undercoating. The floor pans were saved due to the strength of the undercoating. Aircraft stripper is used before sanding, in order to save as much of the metal as possible in removing the paint. A surprise piece of spray-in Styrofoam appears in the removal of the undercoating. Watch more episodes by subscribing to our YouTube channel, and Like us on Facebook at: #The Build @American Modern…

Now that this 396 Big Block Chevy engine is on the engine stand, it's time to check the ring end gap. The Build team and Smyth Automotive want to make sure that when the rings go up and down the cylinder, the rings will expand once hot. Next they'll check the oil expanders and then move onto inserting the crank shaft and plastic gauge it to make sure there is enough oil clearance. Check us out on Facebook at @American Modern Insurance Group

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American Modern Insurance Group

American Modern Insurance Group, provider of insurance for many of life’s pleasures such as collector cars, is fully engaged in the old car hobby: the employees and agents built a show-car from a thoroughly smashed 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS. From a crumpled mess to a customized beauty making the rounds of the show-car circuit, the car nicknamed “Ami G” has made quite an impact.


The Build team is working on dismantling the Muncie transmission. They'll show you everything from draining the gear oil, removing the hurst shifter, linkage, and more. Enjoy! And be sure to follow along on Facebook: @American Modern Insurance Group


Tina Edmondson, left, and Beth O'Keefe video tape the announcements of Pacesetter awards. The company they work for, American Modern Insurance, came in first place.