You can fix your 18 inch doll or American Girl Doll's hair at home! This round up of hairstyles for your doll will inspire you and your child to be creative!

American Girl Doll Hairstyles Round Up

Doll Hairstyle: How To Do A Circle Braid!

Happy May Day! I have a beautiful doll hair style you can do to celebrate the warmer months ahead, a circle braid! Let's get started! Take a small sec

American Girl Doll Hairstyle Half-Up Braided Bun

Today I have a hairstyle pretty enough for a Princess! I loved creating this half-up braided bun. Quick, easy, and perfect for those days when your doll wants to be a little fancy. Any doll with shoulder length hair and.

How cute! Double Waterfall Twist American Girl Doll Hairstyle!

When you want to keep your doll's hair down, but also want to do something to it, this is the hairstyle for you! Last year I did a post on how to do a Waterfall Twist. It is a lot.

AG doll white romper by SewCuteForever on Etsy $20

18 inch doll white romper