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Amelia Earhart - aviadora Primera mujer que sobrevoló el Atlántico en solitario.

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Amelia Earhart was the perhaps the most courageous and celebrated American woman of the late 1920s and early 1930s. Her words and deeds were followed by millions as she set speed and distance records in her airplane. All that ended with her mysterious disappearance as she neared completion of an around-the world flight in July, 1937; her plane and remains have never been found.

Amelia Earhart's Last Flight Wall Art Memorial. This is a 3D art rendition in wood, glass, and a bit of aluminum is a wall hanging in remembrance of Amelia Earhart's daring attempt to make a around-the-world-flight - which was cut short when her Lockheed Electra disappeared over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937. Neither she nor her aircraft, a twin engine Lockheed Electra, has never been found. Only one small piece that is believed to be from the aircraft's fuselage has been found. Only…

Never Before Seen Amelia Earhart Film Found

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poem of the day and tribute to Amelia Earhart: Voices of the Air by Katherine Mansfield

Never should a women go missing, under any circumstances. Yes, we can do it ! ~ they are fairly certain that they have finally found Amelia Erhardt's plane 600 ft under water, but need to go back with the technology to go down and check it out further.

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