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THE ROMANOVS RESIDENCES ~ Amber Room of the residence of Empress Catherine II in Pushkin Tsarskoye Selo, the 18th century

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Palace Square (Дворцовая площадь)

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The Amber Room was designed in a baroque style by German sculptor Andreas Schlüter. Originally installed at Charlottenburg Palace for Prussian King Frederick William I, in 1716 this incredible work of art was gifted to Russian King Peter I to cement the Prussian/Russian alliance against Sweden.

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The Amber Room seen in all its glory in 1930 before it was stolen from the palace of Peter the Great in Soviet Russia by invading Nazi troops in 1941. Valued at around £250million in today's money is without doubt the single greatest piece of missing stolen art from World War II never to be found and has captivated treasure hunters ever since it was first plundered.

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The Amber Room - Catherine Palace. This is not only visually beautiful, but the music will stir your soul. I had this played at my daughter's wedding. TG

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8. Then, aside from that, was taked 18 lorries to the most valuable furniture and others works of art, and first of all pictures in Kenigsberg for their best " safety" .

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