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Aerial photographs of England by Jason Hawkes

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From maps to mazes and amazing teamwork

Un labyrinthe géant (boite, paille, gun à colle et quelque chose qui roule) pour encourager le travail d'équipe, la communication et la coordinnation de mouvements. Plusieurs heures de fun en perspective!

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30 Destinations You Will Remember For A Lifetime

30 Destinations You Will Remember For A Lifetime: Laberint d’Horta – Barcelona, Spain (I want to go back!)

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How to make a simply amazing maze for play

How to make a maze for play - using a cardboard box & some straws (",)

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15 of the Most Amazing Mazes and Labyrinths

Called the largest plant maze in the world, the ever-changing maze at Reignac-sur-Indre, France blossoms into a brilliant field of sunflowers in summer and in winter is remarked and sown to reappear as a new design in spring. In 1996, the maze’s debut year, over 85,000 people attempted to find passage through the 10-acre puzzle.

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How to make a simply amazing maze for play

To teach The Group Plan (social thinking) to a group of kindergartners, make this maze, get a small bouncy ball and have each student hold onto a part of the maze, working together to tilt the box and get the ball through the maze.

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maze- make this with old sheets, dollar store table clothes and shower curtains, even large pieces of cardboard etc

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A Janitor Kept This A Secret For 30 Years. No One Knew Until Now And No One Can Figure It Out

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