Mamma Mia!: March 25, 2013

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Let's use middle school genetics to analyze "Mamma Mia"! Know the musical Mamma Mia? It’s a delightful jukebox-musical based on Abba songs and some Maury Povich style paternity hijinks.

Gone Movie Poster - Amanda Seyfried, Daniel Sunjata, Wes Bentley  #Gone…

Gone Movie Poster - Amanda Seyfried, Daniel Sunjata, Wes Bentley

In Time Movie Poster - Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried

When scientists unlock the secret to immortality, time becomes the new currency and one desperate man comes under attack from a mysterious group known only as the "Time Keepers." In the not-too-distan

amanda seyfried

A list & photo gallery of famous women who look like dolls. Gigantic eyes, porcelain skin, and dainty pointy chin=doll, right? That is only true when the eyes a.

Letters to Juliet~A story of how people from different backgrounds and prejudices interact with others they normally wouldn't.

Letters to Juliet (2010)

Letters to Juliet - 2010 PG movie - In Verona, Italy the heartbroken leave notes asking Juliet for her help. An aspiring writer Sophie finds a letter that will change her life forever and sets her off on a romantic journey.

Native Audio Grrrl: Red Riding Hood Posters

Red Riding Hood 2011 stars Amanda Seyfried as Valerie on this thriller movie . The classical tale from a medieval era of people turning int.