I'm always here for you. Cheering you on. I can't imagine having my family say the things your has and then disown you. Girl I'm praying like crazy for you. I know your heart hurts but I know your a strong woman and you'll heal and move. God's got you right in the palm of his hand. Wish I was there to squeeze you tight. I love you sweet girl <3

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This is everything I needed to say.. And I didn't say in that other pin, but I know you're afraid to lose me, but I promise you, no matter what, you're not gonna lose me forever.

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Every time no exception I will be there. Thank you for loving me so deeply. The way u care for me is more than I ever want from u. I'm glad u love me and care for me the way u do. I promise to always put I first and do my very best to show u that u r my world forever and always. U have my heart and I can't wait for it to return to me.

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I'm always here for you...no matter what! Things might be different, but I want you to be happy. Always.

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Amen! In so very many ways too. Ways that were possible ONLY through Your love Lord. I would have nothing had it not been for You and Your amazing grace. I will forever stand proud to be a child of God. I fear nothing anymore because I know that You are always right here with me.Thank you Lord!!❤ More

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