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I'm always here for you. Cheering you on. I can't imagine having my family say the things your has and then disown you. Girl I'm praying like crazy for you. I know your heart hurts but I know your a strong woman and you'll heal and move. God's got you right in the palm of his hand. Wish I was there to squeeze you tight. I love you sweet girl <3


Every time no exception I will be there. Thank you for loving me so deeply. The way u care for me is more than I ever want from u. I'm glad u love me and care for me the way u do. I promise to always put I first and do my very best to show u that u r my world forever and always. U have my heart and I can't wait for it to return to me.

1 Prepare a space for your love. Start here: Select items 40% off with offer code 1LOVE. Have you ever encounter a soul for the first time and it was like you see yourself when you look into the eyes of the other person? And it was like you know already the character of this stranger (and after time you see you were right) you feel if he/she will come to you as if something just informed you already you go outside and walk…


If u are stupid enough to lie to her, cheat on her, make her feel alone even when u 2 are together, lead her on & make her promises u don't keep, then I will watch & wait for the day that she gets sick of your dumb ass, lets go, and moves on...with ME!!!


For the delusional woman out there who slept with a married man who isn't their husband.. You might have had his head.. But I ALWAYS had his❤️. The door was always open for him to leave but he never did. Why because you were just a whore and I was always and still am HIS WIFE something you were never good enough to be...


Positive Quote: To be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart, a heart that´s aching to see you smile again.