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As Kidney Month continues, so do posts about kidney diseases/syndromes/etc... Read all about Alport Syndrome...

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Alport Syndrome Genetics - There are 3 types of Alport Syndrome, each with slightly different symptoms.

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Alport Syndrome (Collagen IV-Related Nephropathies). X-linked Alport syndrome is a basement membrane disease with important ocular manifestations. All males with anterior lenticonus should be evaluated for Alport syndrome. Posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy and posterior subcapsular opacities have also been noted

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Alport Syndrome or Hereditary Nephritis Read:

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Kidney Disease Quotes

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Alport Syndrome is an hereditary kidney disease which typically afflicts men more often than women. What is its cause? Is there a cure? My primary...

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Alport Syndrome is named after a London physician. Find out why! #AlportAwareness #AlportSyndrome #kidneydisease #hearingloss #raredisease