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from The New Yorker

Dapper Dan’s Designs

In this week’s issue, Kelefa Sanneh writes about Dapper Dan, a designer who co-opted luxury-brand logos out of his Harlem boutique, creating one-of-a-kind outfits for hip-hop artists, rappers, and gangsters in the '80s (sub req): Click through for a slide show of photographs of some of Dapper Dan’s custom outfits, like those in the photo above, worn by drug dealer Alberto (Alpo) Martinez in 1988:


Dramacydal Tv Docs: The “Alpo” Martinez Story (Video)


Alberto "Alpo" Martinez Alpo isn't the richest gangster, but he's known for running Harlem in the '80s, killing his partner Rich Porter, and becoming an informant to the FBI after he was sentenced to 35 years in jail in 1991. Reports claim Alpo was released this week and is currently being given a new identity. Alpo's story might be familiar to some; he was played by rapper Cam'ron in the cult classic, Paid In Full.