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Aloe vera gel and juice has many benefits for hair and skin including growing long hair, moisturizing skin, and just being a tasty drink!

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How to Grow and Use Aloe Vera

Aloe is a “first aid kit in a plant” according to Rosemary Gladstar. [3] Externally aloe vera gel is useful for skin irritation, wounds, scratches, and bedsores, as well as burns. Internally, the fresh gel is used in to soothe ulcers and as a laxative.

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How to cut aloe vera by Live Love Raw:

How to cut aloe vera by Live Love Raw:

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Here's Why You Should Start Drinking #Aloe Vera Juice :

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How to make Aloe Vera Oil with benefits and uses

Aloe vera is the god of herbal remedies as it can cure almost anything and everything (note, mild health and skin problems). Aloe vera essential oil is used for a number of health problems and this article is focused on its benefits and uses. Aloe vera essential oil though is not a pure oil extract, instead the gel extracts is mixed with a carrier oil to make essential oil. If you cannot find this oil anywhere in the stores or online, you can make one at home: RECIPE: To make aloe vera oil…

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how to make fresh aloe vera gel....this will come in handy someday being we just picked up a aloe Vera plant at the farmers market!

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Skin care is a multimillion dollar per year industry. With everyone wanting younger, healthy, beautiful skin, there are more products on store shelves today than ever before. It can be confusing when you are trying to figure out which of the myriad of...

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Amazing benefits of aloe vera! Want a healthier happy slimmer you? Well I can help! Contact me on my facebook page

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Grow an Aloe Plant With Just an Aloe Leaf

Cómo hacer crecer una planta de aloe Con sólo una hoja de Aloe .

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