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Allusion Literary Definition

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16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained By Disney

16 Fancy Literary Techniques Explained by Disney. For instance? There is dramatic irony in the Lion King, as Simba thinks he killed his father, yet the audience knows that Scar really did it. Going to print these out and hang in my classroom

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if there aren't any skeletons in a man's closet, there's probably a bertha in his attic (Jane Eyre) - 1.25" pinback button badge book magnet

there's a bertha in the attic (Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte) - pinback button badge. $1.50, via Etsy.


Reverse of a clay tablet from Pylos bearing the motif of the Labyrinth. The tablet, the earliest datable representation of the 7-course classical labyrinth, was recovered from the remains of the Mycenaean palace of Pylos, destroyed by fire ca 1200 BCE (Kern, Through the Labyrinth, Prestel, 2000, p. 73, catalog item 103–104). There is no evidence for a connection between the labyrinth design and the legend of Theseus at this early date.


What is allusion in literature? Use storyboard examples to help students understand the allusion definition and importance of allusion in literature.


Literary Elements Video for English Teachers: hyperbole, onomatopoeia, idiom, metaphor, pun, alliteration, personification, simile, allusion,

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95 Illustrated Word Wall Vocabulary Posters for Secondary Language Arts

Finally, graphic definitions for middle school and high school English Language Arts, Reading, and Writing!!All 95 colored posters have pictures ...


This resource book draws on classic literature to illustrate the use of 40 basic literary terms. Divided into sections on figurative language, poetic language, and literary techniques, the book covers hyperbole, metaphor, irony, imagery, dialect, plot, alliteration, onomatopoeia, allusion, conflict, and lots more! The first page of each lesson includes a definition of the term and one or more samp...

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Literary Devices Interactive Dictionary: Exploring Figurative Language

This product provides and interactive way for teachers to engage their students in the learning of new concepts, figurative language, and literary devices. This product covers the following material:- Alliteration- Allusion- Analogy- Characterization- Conflict- Connotation vs. English Language Arts, Reading, Writing Grade Levels 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th $$