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"When Allah loves you, He places the love of you in the hearts of the people whose love is worth having." |Omar Suleiman|

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Do not limit your dua’s, for it is Allah who can transform the impossible into possible with His Might. #TrustAllah #islamicOnlineUniversity #BilalPhilips

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Allah's love Do not be deceived...Listen to the Quran #islam #muslim #Allah…

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Alhamdulillah ❤

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Allah does not forget the good you did, nor does he forget the good you did to others and the pain you removed from them,nor will he forget the eye which was about to cry, but you made it laugh. live your life with this principle,be good even if you don't receive good, not because of other's sake, but because allah loves the doer's of good.

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Free Online Istikhara Center +923244544864 Aamil Ms Jaferi

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